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Aly has already learned so much in the short time she has been taking piano lessons. She is excited to go to her next lesson. Ms. Mary is so sweet and knowledgeable. I am lucky to have found her.

~Lirea Schmalzbach (Mar 2016)


My 5-year-old son started taking lessons with Ms. Mary 3 months ago and he loves it. Ms. Mary is very patient with him and the lessons are geared towards his understanding. He has already learned so much!

~Wyland Marie Bontrager (Sept 2015)


My son has been with Merry Fingers for over 12 years now! Our family is so grateful for Ms. Mary’s passion, expertise, and graciousness. As Jaden continues to develop into a young man, his confidence, creativity, and poise are ever increasing. And without a doubt, we have Merry Fingers to thank for being invested in his growth. It warms my heart when I see Jaden at the piano, alongside the woman who’s believed in him from the moment she met him, at 4 years old. Her gift, which she shares so generously, is truly priceless.

~Ebony Cherry


First, let me say that the recital forum was beautiful. This is the first recital in which I participated that food has been served and not sold. 🙂 In any case we enjoyed Giovanna’s first recital with you and we hope to participate in more. We arrived at 3:30 p.m. and left at 6:00 p.m. due to other obligations. I would have enjoyed the other students as we enjoyed those who came before Giovanna. Arnett Howard was great also. Anyhow, I am glad that my daughter experienced your recital. Thank you for your professional presentation and the opportunity to provided to my daughter.

~Beverly Corner Stafford, Mother of Giovanna Stafford


Hi Ms. Mary, my heart is full of gratitude for all your hard work and commitment to our children. As I mentioned to you before, when Arturo arrived to your studio he didn’t have any knowledge of music and/or piano, and now we see him encouraged and getting familiar with what he has learned with you. God’s willing , Arturo will continue taking his classes with you and we hope that the Lord will use his talents and knowledge to share His peace on this earth. May the Lord continue blessing you and your family with all supernatural provisions. Thank you again to you and your lovely family for everything!

~Elizabeth Sierra, Mother of Arturo Schottenstein


All I can say is that Ms. Liggins taught my fingers to play merrily, so all pianist should get on board!

~Pamela Wise Harrison, Former Student


It has been a pleasure being a part of Merry Fingers Studio. My daughter has blossomed in confidence regarding her piano skills and performance comfortability. Mary Liggins – Goodrich is a wonderful teacher.

~Stephanie Stovall, Parent


My experience with Merry Fingers Studio has been very educational. I’ve learned at an amazing rate and hope for even more piano lessons filled with fun. Ms. Mary Liggins is a great teacher.



It is such a great experience for my son! He loves the encouragement from Ms. Liggins. Her skill and expertise is unmatched. I look forward to see in how my son grows with time.



Merry Fingers has been a great experience for me. Ms. Mary is very nice, patient, and attentive. I like piano a lot!

~Student, Age 6


Merry Fingers has been a very great experience for me and my grandchildren. Ms. Mary has the patience of a saint. The Shelton’s are very grateful for Ms. Mary as their musk teacher. God bless good teachers.

~Phyllis, Parent


Being a part of the Merry Fingers Studio has been a pleasure. Ms. Mary has done a wonderful job teacher my daughter and developing her piano skills, as well as her confidence. I truly appreciate Ms. Mary’s hard work and dedication to her students.

~Crystal Mckinley, Parent


We are grateful to have you as our daughter piano instructor and our friend.

~Love, The Martins


My two girls have been with Merry Fingers for two years. During this time, I have witnessed a tremendous growth in their musical ability as well as their focus and speedy processing. I contribute this to Ms. Mary and her effective instruction. She gracefully implements rigor as she nurtures her students to excellence. I am very pleased with where she has brought my girls from and I am excited to see where she will take them. They, too, are proud of themselves and show a strong desire to grown into fine musicians.


From first student of Ms. Mary’s to successful band leader…

Arnett Howard, musician, broadcaster, journalist, teacher, pilot, with a host of other titles and accomplishments behind his name, was one of Mary Liggins Goodrich’s first piano students back in the mid 60’s!

Co-author of Listen For the Jazz: Keynotes in Columbus History, Arnette, of the acclaimed Creole Funk Band, has ten recordings, four CD’s and the famed NBC 4 promo “Football Friday Night” to his credit as well.

Whenever Mary attends one of Arnett’s performances, he always makes it a point to introduce her as “the one who got me started.”

Pamela Wise Harrison, jazz musician, pianist and vocalist with a successful career that spans over 40 years.  Her group

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